Collaboration with Nawiri / AsiliaGiving & Honeyguide Foundation

Kamitei Foundation entered into field collaborations with partner-NGOs this year as a way to use its expertise in addressing challenges in primary schools in rural Tanzania to make a positive difference in the lives of even more children.

As part of this collaboration we assisted Nawiri / AsiliaGiving in the supplies of books and teaching aids to as many as 20,000 children in Southern Tanzania.

Ageeth and Astrid visit Tanzania

In March 2023, our Dutch education experts Ageeth and Astrid visited Tanzania for an intensive period of meetings and school visits with Bill and Rashid.

It was again a productive week and a full summary of the visit can be found in the linked document below.


Successful annual events in Netherlands and Belgium

In March we held nice in person events in a great setting in The Netherlands and Belgium the week after, with about 20-30 people attending each event. Many thanks to our supporters Raymond and Hugo for the hospitality!

If you would like to receive a copy of the presentation, please reach out to us.

New Eagle scholarships granted

This year we were able to grant another 6 eagle scholarships to talented young students from the various primary schools that we support, bringing the total students in the program to 83 students.

This year the students from Kilimatembo and Kainam did particularly well, and as a first-everĀ  we were happy to see as many as 5 girls out of 6 reaching the top-results in the selection process.

New class rooms in Kainam

During 2021 we completed the construction of 2 new class rooms in Kainam primary school and the renovation of various other class rooms, thanks to the generous support of some of our donors.