Kamitei provides individual scholarships to children who can not afford to pay for their own education. The scholarships typically cover a number of years to ensure that the education leads to a point where the individual has good job prospects, such as the completion of a secondary vocational degree.

The Scholarships Program aims to grant between 5-10 scholarships each year to selected students. We have two different types of scholarships:

  • Community-sponsored scholarships for vocational training (duration 1 or 2 years, with the goal of learning a trade and providing the prospect of a decent job with stable income);
  • Eagle Scholarship program (duration up to 8 years, with the goal of completing a university degree for exceptional students with leadership potential).

Kamitei has decided to grant individual scholarships to individuals as well as assist communities as a whole because it believes that a community will eventually benefit from having well educated and employed individuals in their midst. They can for example act as a role model for others in the community and become (in)formal community leaders.

Facts & Figures

Number of community scholarships granted to date: 97 (as of early 2023).

Number of Eagle scholarships granted to date: 83 (as of early 2023).