Sources of funding

Private sponsors

Kamitei receives a substantial part of its funding from private donors. Kamitei’s ability to operate effectively and efficiently achieve its goals significantly benefits from this recurring income stream. Kamitei has active chapters in The Netherlands and in Belgium with annual events in both countries.

Institutional and corporate sponsors

Kamitei also obtains financial support from institutional and corporate donors. Given the expertise that such organisations have in critically reviewing and selecting promising projects, this support provides a powerful validation of Kamitei’s approach. Our key (recent) institutional donors are:

  • Alternatives 4 Children. Alternatives for Children is a Dutch charity that provides direct financial support for small scale projects aimed at improving education of children in developing countries.
  • Fondation Les Pacquerettes (FLP). FLP is an international charity with Dutch roots that strives to improve the lives of children.

In the past Kamitei has also received contributions from ABN AMRO Bank, Wilde Ganzen – ICCO, NCDO, McKinsey, & Company, Snickers-De Bruyn Stichting,  Euroclear, Global Fund for Children, the Turing Foundation and Globewise.